Who We Are

The Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency (MCCD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing policies and practices that reduce confinement and support trauma-informed, racially equitable, socio-economically and culturally responsive, community-based solutions for Michigan’s justice-involved children, youth and young adults. Founded in 1956, MCCD believes everyone is entitled to equal access and treatment within justice and human service systems and the public must be an informed and active participant in developing crime prevention and reduction policies. Through research, collaboration, and advocacy-oriented strategies we work to shape public policy, educate justice system stakeholders and support the safety of all Michigan communities.

Advocacy & Community Engagement

MCCD has a long-standing relationship with criminal and juvenile justice decision-makers at the local, state, and national levels. We also have a staff seasoned with decades of experience in justice policy reform. From start to finish, MCCD can help conceptualize, craft, and advocate for policy or practice changes that support safe communities.

1. Engaging Communities

An effective engagement plan can be a great compliment to policy development; informed communities can turn the tide towards impactful justice reform. MCCD can help host local events, implement targeted communication strategies, and solicit community input through speaking engagements or regional meetings.

2. Connecting Stakeholders

In all areas of reform, collaboration is a must. MCCD is seasoned in convening and building partnerships among criminal and juvenile justice stakeholders from public agencies to local community leaders. A few examples include the Michigan Juvenile Justice Collaborative, the Michigan Public Defense Task Force which eventually led to the creation of the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission, and MCCD’s essential work on the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative.

Technical Assistance & Education


1. Strategic Planning

Whether it’s a new programmatic initiative, new policy or practice change, or a statewide conference, putting the pieces together is no easy task. It requires the right personnel, organizational skills, knowledge of the issue, and programming experience. MCCD can help you make sure every stage of the planning is well thought out before you even begin.


2. Research and Data Gathering

Behind all good policy and best-practices is solid and dependable research. MCCD’s staff and professional partners are skilled in justice research and data mining and can assist with all types of queries.


3. Implementation

Often over-looked, implementation of a well thought out plan or systemic change can be difficult but remains crucial to its continued success. MCCD can help stakeholders put knowledge into action, using its expertise to implement and execute those well thought out justice initiatives.


4. Analysis and Evaluation

An effective evaluation is essential in creating awareness and generating funds for an initiative. Strong evaluations rely on collecting the most important raw data and compiling to tell a story of a community. MCCD can help organizations analyze its data and help harness it into an evaluative narrative to benefit their community.

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