MCCD has led criminal justice reform by helping redesign the state’s community corrections system, initiating the movement to improve Michigan’s public defense system, and leading successful advocacy efforts against the death penalty. For nearly a decade, MCCD provided strategic consultation, training and technical assistance to the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), partnering state agencies, and local communities to design and implement the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative (MPRI), resulting in a 36 percent reduction in return-to-prison rate.


Additionally, MCCD is a leader in juvenile justice advocacy and reform throughout Michigan. MCCD developed the statewide Michigan Youth Reentry Model and is spearheading a campaign to reduce juvenile incarceration through policy-based incentives for increased use of in-home care services. MCCD also promotes the use of adolescent development research in policy, coordinating efforts that led to the passage of juvenile competency legislation and engaging in strategies to end sentencing juveniles to life without parole.

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On July 1, Public Defense Reform Takes Giant Step Forward with Creation of Michigan Indigent Defense Advisory Commission: 2013 Gov. Snyder signed into law legislation creating the independent and permanent Michigan Indigent Defense Commission. This groundbreaking new law is the first step in the right direction to fixing Michigan’s broken defense system.


Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative Reduces Return-to-Prison Rates by Astounding 33%: As of December 2010, the return-to-prison rate, among the 22,000 MPRI parolees improved from one in two to one in three, with the rate of parolees returning to prison for new crimes at its lowest level since 1995.  Following decades of growth, the number of prisoners declined by almost 7,500 since March 2007.  As a result, the state has been able to close 21 correctional facilities.  During the same period of time, Michigan saw a statewide decrease in the total number of serious crimes reported.


MDOC Highlights the Success of the Michigan Benefits Access Initiative: Since 2011, MCCD has assisted the Michigan Department of Corrections Office of Offender Reentry with implementing the Michigan Benefits Access Initiative. The successful project has resulted in screening over 11,000 returning citizens for benefits eligibility and over 1,300 follow-up interviews to begin applications.


Michigan Legislature Creates Community-Based Juvenile Justice Grants for Rural Counties: The Michigan House and Senate approved the Department of Human Services budget for the Fiscal Year 2014, including $1 million for In-Home Community Care Grants targeting rural counties.


Michigan Passes Long-Awaited Juvenile Competency Laws: On January 2, 2013, Governor Snyder signed the bill, ensuring that children who stand accused of crimes are competent to participate in their court hearings.

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