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Raise the Age

In October, 2019, Michigan joined the majority of states by signing the Raise the Age Bill package into law. This package raises the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to 18. Michigan was one of the few remaining states that automatically prosecuted all 17-year olds as adults, but not anymore. Thank you, Michigan!

Transforming Justice for LGBTQ Youth in Wayne County

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth are among the most vulnerable populations at every stage of the juvenile justice system and Wayne County - Detroit in particular - is home to the largest proportion of justice-involved youth in the state.

Research shows that LGBTQ youth are twice as likely to be arrested and held in secure detention/confinement for truancy, warrants, probation violations, running away, and sex work. Moreover, about 20% of the overall population of youth in detention/confinement identifies as LGBTQ—almost three times the estimated number in the United States. Of the LGBTQ youth in detention/confinement, about 85% are young people of color. While incarcerated, these children are seven times more likely to be sexually assaulted and are at extreme risk of self-harm and solitary confinement than their straight-identified peers.


MCCD is working in partnership with the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit to create a LGBTQ-affirming juvenile justice system in Wayne County that does not criminalize LGBTQ youth, appropriately addresses their unique needs in community-based settings, and prevents harms associated with detention and incarceration. 

Juvenile Justice Reinvestment

The In Home Community Care Grant was created in 2013 to provide counties with resources to start new in-home programs that are proven to work. It is currently only a pilot project focused on 4 rural counties per year. Our Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Campaign aims to increase funding towards this grant so it can be ubiquitous across the state.

Nation Outside

and Nation Outside's mission is to organize, mobilize, and support formerly incarcerated people and their families to advocate for political and social changes that will reduce racial profiling and incarceration, to educate the community about the successes and contributions of the formerly incarcerated in order to enhance their capacity to thrive.

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