Who We Serve

Individuals and Families Impacted by the Justice System

MCCD provides individuals and families impacted by the justice system with updated information on current and pending legislation, events, and resources. 

Justice Officials

 Prosecutors, attorneys, judges and court administrators are tasked with the day-to-day decisions that affect people in our justice system. Consequently, they need access to the most current information and training resources that are available. We support justice officials by providing policy expertise, offering training on specific justice topics, and bridging gaps on underserved topics. 


Our representatives and legislators are responsible for drafting and implementing policies that govern the justice system. We partner with our representatives to creative policies that are fair, effective and affordable for Michigan. We work hard to reform our system by educating our representatives, writing policy reports and briefs, and partnering with advocates to draft bills.

Service-Providing Organizations

Community organizations are the backbone of the justice system, providing crucial services to people have who have been involved with the justice system. Representing some of the most vulnerable people in our state, it is important to recognize the value of service providers. We offer these organizations a voice in the policy process and access to a network of financial resources.

Citizen Activists & Community Leaders

Citizen activists and community leaders include people who are formerly incarcerated and key advocates on social justice issues. It’s no surprise that people who have been through Michigan’s justice system understand it the best. We work with citizens to ensure their voice is present in every policy decision that is made.

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